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Vision Quest
Gelato Cake Indica Hybrid

Earthy sour grape kush vanilla cake

Very potent intoxicating high you will definitely feel! This strain immediately great for the evening.

Creamsicle Hybrid

Creamy fruit punch sure to excite the tastebuds

Very mellow and motivating high great for the all the time Smoker to push through there day.

Crescendo Sativa Hybrid

Funky fuel with citrus tones

very smooth smoke with cerebral effects leaves
very strong aroma in the air of citrus.

Lilac Diesel

This complex hybrid maintains all of the fruitiness of the parent strains along with a gassy undertone. The berry and citrus tones are immediately apparent and pleasing, closely followed with a pungent gas. The taste is only sweet at first, with a fully diesel exhale. This paired with an energetic feeling is perfect for a refuel midday!


Kromes the White
THC: 29.79% CBG: 0.68%

This strain is rumored to originally be known as “Triangle”. Due to the folklore of its crossing of three difficult strains that are added to The White. This strain famously lacks an aroma and taste, but its frosty exterior provides warning. Blazers are treated to an intense cerebral high paired with a relaxing body feeling. This will go great with watching your favorite movie and discovering new things in the scenes!  

THC: 22.95%

Top prize winning strain of the Cannabis Cup of 1996, this strain boasts a sweet and flavorful aroma. The lack of punch in the aroma is slightly deceiving with this flower. It’s high mix of complementing terpenes makes the entourage effect of this strain appealing to everyone! A smooth inhale with a sweet aftertaste combine to provide the Blazer a great high to keep their day going.

King Louis XIII
THC: 27.94% CBG: 1.19%

This strain provides a pungent piney, gassy, earthy aroma. The combination of two potent strains, this hybrid does not disappoint. Whether you think of the Royal who bore the name first, or the high class cognac that currently uses it, this girl lives up to her name and lineage. A smooth evergreen inhale that leads to a relaxing body sensation, this strain is sure to leave you feeling royal. 

Purple Sunset
THC: 23.98%

An Indica hybrid, boasting a relaxing body high that is great for the end of your day. Fruity overtones with a slight hint of citrus complete the aroma. The full bodied smell pairs well with the tasty inhale. The exhale provides an excellent fruity aftertaste.

Gelato Cake
THC: 28.84% CBG: 26.93%

An indica dominant hybrid, Gelato Cake is the daughter of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. The fruity and vanilla aroma combined with a sweet taste help accentuate the full body high that the strain provides. As the name suggests, this strain has a dessert taste that is great at end of the day relaxation.

Lucky Charms
THC: 28.69% CBG: 0.83%

With a beautiful sugary coat, and vibrant red hairs, Lucky Charms looks amazing. It has a fruity aroma, which may throw you off if you’re looking for a sweet cereal smell. A taste of berries, citrus, and pine flavor the exhale. This strain leaves blazers with a relaxing body high combined with a euphoric cerebral effect. Providing a nice uplifting high, this strain is a great one to start your day. The higher CBGA boosts the strains medicinal benefits as well!

Lucinda Williams
THC: 29.67% CBG: 0.81%

A Colorado favorite, Lucinda Williams is a strong sativa. With an aroma of berries, mint, and earthy undertones. Berries and mint provide a smooth exhale while smoking

Grape Ape

A colorful and floral flower for sure! The perfect mix of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani give this strain a great grape smell and a relaxing high. A nice deep purple indica that gives the body a great pain relieving feeling. The euphoric full body high is great for everything from head aches to sore muscles.


Established in 2013, our grow has soared to unplanned highs. Our production has more than doubled since becoming an all-woman grow team under the direction of Emily Schmidt. With a degree in Horticulture from Colorado State University and years of experience in the Colorado cannabis industry, she brings a vast amount of knowledge to the enterprize. She also has a the ability to create the ideal enviroment for plants and personel to flourish. The health and vitality of Visions Quest’s plants can be seen in their potency, taste, and overall quality of buds produced. We take great pride in producing a high quality flower for local consumers and beyond.

Vision Quest Cannabis is an all-women craft cannabis cultivation team located in Salida, CO. Head grower Emily Schmidt boasts a degree in horticulture from Colorado State University. Leading the team, her years of experience and knowledge of the Colorado cannabis industry provides her with an edge for growing great plants in Colorado.

“Our small batch approach ensures every plant is tended to, touched, cared for, and nurtured daily! This ensures that there is plenty of light and room in the grow house for our girls to stretch and grow as much as they want. No plant is neglected and any concerns are seen and taken care of before they cause harm or issue. Each plant is hand-trimmed to ensure trichome and bud integrity of the end product.”

We are able to keep a variety of old classics and new flavors in rotation. Part of the fun is new and exciting strains and flowers, but the oldies are always goodies. We pride ourselves on providing craft cannabis to Pueblo, CO that maintains a Rocky Mountain signature feeling since 2013. You can always reach this project via their instagram @visionquestcannabis or by giving your local budtender at Rocky Mountain Blaze some feedback. It’s how we make sure we grow what the people want!

This also means that popular strains fly off the shelves fast, be sure to keep up on availability of your favorite strains. Check on Weedmaps/Leafly, type in Vision Quest and you can see what’s in store at our our Pueblo dispensary! If you have a specific strain you like, you can take it a step further and mention it to your budtender. Rocky Mountain Blaze’s close relationship with Vision Quest ensures that our customers are heard loud and clear. If there is a popular Colorado strain, we can and will grow it with the best genetics available and deliver a great smoke for all of our trailBlazers!