78 Precision Dr, Pueblo West, CO 81007 | (719) 647 0058
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Rocky Mountain Blaze is located at 78 Precision Dr, Pueblo West. Our name reflects our appreciation for the world around us. We are inspired by the mountains. Every day we reaffirm our commitment to serving the local cannabis community to the best of our ability. Every week, we shop local growers for fresh, innovative, and exceptional strains of cannabis. Our extensive quality selection includes enough variety to please everyone.

Drop By and Pickup Your Soul Strain

Our goal is to help every customer discover their soul strain. We strive to elevate your life joy and quality of life. Understanding there isn’t always time for a lengthy and leisurely visit to our recreational dispensary, we offer the ease and expediency of in-store pickup. Go ahead and browse our website for truly gorgeous flower, all sorts of concentrates, soothing topicals, delightful edibles, and the gear that improves the experience.

We’re Ready to Show You Premium Cannabis

Rocky Mountain Blaze includes amenities such as free parking and an ATM situated in the lobby/waiting room. We welcome online and phone orders as late as 8:55 PM with priority check-out. For anyone over 21+, anywhere across Pueblo, Pueblo West, Blende and Penrose, CO, our in-store pickup is quick, easy, and rewarding. We see 3,000 visitors per month, who’ve discovered an elevated path through life. Join us. Find your FIRE…at the BLAZE!