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Rocky Mountain Blaze is named after the beauty surrounding us. We only need to look out the window to be amazed by opportunity and inspired to treat our world and our friends and neighbors with care. Our hope is to share and elevate your life’s journey. We welcome you to browse our recreational cannabis. Consult with our friendly staff or place an order online for priority in-store pickup. Supporting local growers and shopping weekly, we offer an exceptional menu of delicious edibles.

Get a Boost from Our Edibles

Watermelon, huckleberry, blue raspberry, sour apple, lemon/lime, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel are just a taste of our array of incredible flavors. Shop indicas, hybrids, and sativas for outstanding potency, intensity, and long-lasting effects. We’ve got suckers, taffy, elixirs, chews, gummies, gummies, and more gummies to tickle your taste buds, satisfy your cravings, and deliver the results you’re looking for.

tickle your taste buds
satisfy your cravings

Dive in to Delicious Edibles with Rocky Mountain Blaze

Our edibles are wonderfully simple for the beginner and ideal for seasoned consumers as well. There’s no extra gear required, no odors or combustion process and precision dosing is a breeze. Just be aware that it takes a while for the full sensation to kick in. Follow the recommended dosage and wait before eating more. Find your FIRE…at the BLAZE! We’re a quick drive from anywhere across Pueblo, Pueblo West, Blende and Penrose, CO.