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Grinders, lighters, bangers, blunt rollers, stash boxes, E rigs, rolling trays, dab straws, bongs, vape pens, cones, odor-eliminating candles, and an extensive, exciting, and exceptional list of gear are available at Rocky Mountain Blaze. Whether you’re looking for attire to display your loyalty, unique extras to represent your style, or quality accessories to elevate the cannabis experience, you’ll find all that and more on our shelves.

Bongs, Bowls, and Blunt Wraps from Rocky Mountain Blaze

Rocky Mountain Blaze welcomes leisurely browsing in-store. Our dispensary in Pueblo West creates an inviting, secure and comfortable space where you never feel rushed and are always appreciated. Our knowledgeable team is happy to share firsthand experience, offer recommendations and share insight. Let us help you explore new possibilities, find favorites and improve your consumption process.

quality accessories
elevate the cannabis experience

Looking for a New Dab Rig?

Our website opens up a wide and wonderful world of craft cannabis and amazing paraphernalia, tools, and extras. Shop and order online and opt for priority in-store pickup for convenience and expediency. Rocky Mountain Blaze provides free parking, an ATM in the lobby, and a selection that satisfies approximately 3,000 monthly visitors. Check out our daily deals and discover what everyone across Pueblo, Pueblo West, Blende and Penrose, CO is raving about. Find your FIRE…at the BLAZE!