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Rocky Mountain Blaze is inspired by the mountain air, breathtaking views, and exciting vistas. We apply our standards of excellence, enjoyment, and experience to our selection of flower. Through a close relationship with local growers, we source the best recreational cannabis bud you’ll find anywhere in the Pueblo, Colorado region. Replenishing our shelves every week, there’s no doubt of freshness. Stop by and check out our daily deals.

Sticky, Frosty Buds for a Buzz You Won’t Forget

Hybrid, indicas, and sativas from innovators such as Vision Quest, Veritas, Cookies, Genesis, Mayflower, and more make up an expansive variety to suit every preference. Go ahead and expect more from us. Be picky. We’re confident we can blow you away with our vibrant colors, amazing potency, exotic terpenes, perfect texture, stunning trichomes, and cannabinoid content.

Sticky, Frosty Buds
for a Buzz You Won’t Forget

Brands You Love with the Buds You Need

At Rocky Mountain Blaze, we welcome approximately 3,000 monthly visitors. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to spend time with you. There’s no rush. We want to help you discover your soul strain. Enjoy the amenities of free parking, ATM in our lobby, online ordering, and priority in-store pick-up. Know that we listen and create the selection you’re looking for. For small-batch craft cannabis, we are the choice of locals across Pueblo, Pueblo West, Blende and Penrose, CO and visitors from everywhere. Find your FIRE…at the BLAZE!