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Craft Cannabis Vision Quest

What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is grown in small batches of plants grown with direct care from the master grower.  With extra care and attention paid to each plant, the grower can maximize the quality of the strain.  Craft cannabis is more concerned with local taste than national appeal. It is far from a new concept.

Cannabis is a plant that can be found naturally all over the globe.  Every site that marijuana is cultivated is different.  The humidity, temperature, air quality and many other factors will impact how a plant develops.  Commercial growers grow indoors to control the climate their plants experience.  Craft Growers in an area learn to use their natural environment of the area to their plants advantage.

Small Batches, Strain Variety

Small batch growing is also part of the craft.  This means there is not a lot of inventory. Good strains will go fast and great strains go faster!  Once it’s gone, that strain may not return right away!  Where in a commercial grow, they may have room where they keep mother plants alive for years, this is not the case for most craft cannabis grows.  For them, holding on to a strain means they do not have room for anything new. Many craft growers also match their strains with the seasons, utilizing what is naturally around to maximize the plant’s potential.

Think of how often you see a new New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing Co. new flavor versus a new Coors flavor.  Going large scale means less variation on flavors and tastes, in exchange for a consistent flavor and taste for the masses.  This can make for a bland taste for those looking to taste and experience new and different terpenes.

Technique Differences

Techniques are handed down and passed along between growers in the same circles in the craft cannabis world and are hard to replicate on a large scale. In many commercial cannabis grows, their number of plants alone will not allow the head grower to have contact with every plant everyday.

Curing or drying the flowers after harvest is another key difference. Anyone who has attempted to grow cannabis is aware that there are many harvesting techniques. They all have the same main idea: PATIENCE. With commercial cannabis grows, profit is the motive and curing is kept to a minimum to get product to shelf. Many craft cannabis growers take their time in curing and hand trimming to maintain trichomes and aesthetics. This is noticeable when comparing a hand trimmed flower to a flower trimmed by machine.

Colorado Craft is for Terpene Taste Lovers and Hunters

Colorado craft cannabis is on the forefront of cannabis connoisseurs and taste hunters. Like wine, the cannabis grown in a region and crafted by a grower who utilizes the elements of the area to maximize the quality of their plant, creates a flavor unique to the area. Vision Quest Cannabis is a craft grow to become familiar with. Check dispensary shelves for local small grows with good reputations, you will be surprised if all you know are popular names and THC percentages (THC is one of 42-43 cannabinoids). End of the day, it is YOUR high and YOUR experience, enjoy it how you want! This is the new frontier Colorado is on the front lines of.

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