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Cannabis infused edibles are a popular alternative to smoking. Some people use them to aid sleep, help with pain, or to simply enhance an experience. Whether it’s your first time taking cannabis infused edibles, or you’re trying to explain how to take edibles to a friend; a guide on how to safely ingest cannabis is always helpful.

Know Your Strengths!

In a dispensary, the strengths will be listed on the product. Most products will be in 10mg (most common for recreational) or 5mg increments up to 100mg per package. This is to help you keep track of how much you’ve taken.


There are many ways to consume cannabis nowadays. Chocolates, gummies, hard candy, ice cream, activated oils, tinctures, and more! Check out Rocky Mountain Blaze’s online menu to see what we have in store!

There are also many companies out there, each boasting their own unique specialty (some even vegan). Ask your budtender about products and their differences in some of their reported tastes and effects. Even if they have not had them personally, they get to hear everyone else’s praise and criticism of what is in their store. Some may entirely hide the taste of any cannabis, others may taste like mouth of flower! Some of this has to do with…

How is it Infused?

The desired taste, effect, and cost all play a role in how the product is infused. Edibles can be made with the flower itself, with extracts, rosin, hash, tinctures, or an activated oil. Each will impact the test and effect felt differently.

Take it Slow!

It is wiser to take it slow and build up to your perfect feeling, than to overdo it and not be able to take it back. If the goal is to enjoy it, then take your time.